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Paper Shredder


Fee: £ 2.00 per borrow

Location: Dusty Forge
Condition: A - As new
Brand: PC Line
Code: BA-0394

Keeping yourself, your colleagues and your client’s information safe should be high on your list of priorities. Office Depot recognised this and have created this outstanding CC-8S shredder to help you with the tasks at hand. With a shredding capacity of up to 8 sheets, you can be sure to get the job done quickly to give you more time for other things.

Not only can this shredder destroy paper but even CD's are no match for it. It has a bin capacity of 21 litres means you won’t have to keep running to the confidential waste to empty it.

If you want to increase the working life of the shredder, you should oil the shredder's cutting mechanism at regular intervals. Special oil and oiled sheets are specifically available for the shredders.

Using Self-Oiled Paper: Apply the special oil for shredders in several lines horizontally across a sheet of paper and insert the sheet in the insertion slot. The cutting mechanism is oiled automatically.

Using Oiled Sheets: Insert the oiled sheet in t

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